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The head of Calliteara pudibunda, Waugsberg, CC BY-SA 2.5. via Wikimedia Commons.

It is really past time I have written something here. And I think I should. Nothing specific. Just random thoughts. I think I am unable to write normal blog after all. But I do not want to give up. After all producing big pieces of text is what I am good at. And blog unlike social media or talk pages is where it is appropriate, even welcome. Or so I believe. Hope I am not wrong.

Wikimedia. CEE Spring. Takes lots of time. Statistics. It's my first time writing to database anything. It's my first time reading from database through Java. I think the number of SQL-queries I've written in my life is still less than 50. Less than 100 for sure. First time I've actually used classes for defining objects not already provided by the JDK or bot framework. Java is object-oriented language, heh. #72ceespringdays. What am I even doing in exopedia. Crazy thing. So hard to find what to translate. So many sad topics. Turks invading. Communists invading. Romans invading. Fuck the chronology. Ich spreche keine Deutsch. Tired of translating stuff from Russian mostly over past years. Yay I've discovered what's wrong with my alarm clock on mobile.

WLE. Conscience aches. Lazyness feasts. Work does not get done. Frustration thrives.

Clash of the Kings. Nice game. Bad game. Good game. I've stopped playing it. Stop showing me ads of the app I have already abandoned. Really do stop. Oh so that's the place where they pointed those invited translators. Why am I even applying now. Heh got ignored anyways.

Triviador. Abandoned. I gotta return. Cannot make myself do it. But I will. I surely will.

PWI. So nice to return to one of the places I really feel like native. What a joy is it to fly to the north of the City of Plume. So weird playing it in English. Russian names were better in many cases. But here is peculiar atmosphere to it. I like it. It takes time and I do not have it now, but damn that's a one place I feel relaxed in.

Duolingo. I really gotta be here too. I occasionally show up here. But stop. Why the heck am I learning Turkish. Err, no no I do not like German. Eh, French? I cannot even read it. Weird stuff. Weird things happening. Well at least I have progressed from es-0.0000000000000001 to es-0.001 and that's worth it I believe. Is it not? I hope it is. Realmente.

Music. Heh interesting after-effect of me getting a new phone was that I have started listening to some different than the national anthems music. The anthems are really better though. The standard melody they have on Samsung is actually better than most of the music I've tried, too. Really. But well still it isn't all some bad. At least it was before I've killed my headphones. But I still can do it and right now for some reason I am doing it.

Internet in general. A joy. So easy to port myself to anywhere. I wish VR comes. But it still isn't that bad already.

Anime. Not too much but in reading Sword Art Online. Oh yeah despite what I've just said I do want to dive into VR MMORPGs. Perhaps even the death game will do. Not sure about this one but the chance is great.

Books. Oh. Books. Heh. Lazy. Slow. Slow. Lolita. Too much French. I do not speak French. I do not speak French. 400 pages and I read it since August. What a shame. I've read HP+ASOIAF faster than that. How. Unbelievable. Whatever. Spin. I am really sorry, Ата, for holding it for so much time. Interesting though. I hope to finish it. The saddest thing is that there are 2 more. The saddest thing is that I do not even remember the titles. Oh I can look it up, that's not a problem. Oh wait a one is called NPC. The second one is some frenchish name. But that is really sad to not even remember the title. Hehe. Awaiting the reading mood.

Real life. What is that? Ah that stupid thing which takes me from all the above? Fuck it, it is really annoying. Really. So few good things there.

But in it. Country. The fucking country. It is sad but I think I start to hate it. Years ago perhaps I would even call myself a patriot. Then I've decided that a patriot is someone who can forsake everything for the country. Everything. I cannot. I am not a patriot. But I like the land. I do not like the country but I like the land it is in. But wait. The land was already there. It will still be there. Land is just there. Country is on the land but not the land is in the country. No link. Stupid country. Stupid people. Oh not all, that's for sure. But like 95%. Not stupid absolutely. I think most are ways and ways smarter than me in most of the fields. Nay that's not what I am about. I cannot define what I am about. But I start to hate those people. I start to hate the country. And it is not what I can easily get rid off. That kinda explains the paragraph above. Real life is annoying. The root of it is in the medium I am in. The stupid fucking medium I am in.

That's it. Pretty random stream of thoughts. Pretty sad and tired. That's what I mostly feel like though.

P.S. Oh no I am not mad. I am just on my way there. On a sure way as it looks now *bitter laughter*

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